Yesterday we had our last screening of THE GDR COMPLEX at Berlinale Panorama.

Thanks a lot to the great Berlinale Panorama team and to Wieland Speck for inviting our film and for the great support, assistance, friendliness and hospitality throughout the festival!

Thanks to Steven, Ela, Christian, Paz, Maija, Gwenael, Juan-Francisco, Kristian, Gerrit, Jana, Felipe, Klaus, Samantha, Michael, Julia, Marco, Batholomew and…. (almost in order of appearance)! Not to forget the people working in the theatres and the interpreters.

Thanks to all people who came to watch THE GDR COMPLEX during Berlinale! Thanks to all people who made up their voice and have been outspoken in the film! Thanks to the great film team and to Berlinale Panorama! And thanks to all who supported the project!

The “inner team”: Thomas Keller (editor & motion effects), Jochen Hick, Andreas Strofeldt (collaborator / assistant) (Photo taken on Feb 13, 2016 by U. Schwabe)